The SB-700 External Flash

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My sister was in town a few weeks ago. She brought her Nikon D40 w/ and SB-400 External Flash and the quality of her photos compared to mine was like night and day!Hers looked warm and well lit while mine were washed out and cold. So, I had to do something about this.

I use a Nikon D-3100 just picked up my SB-700 External Flash last week.

What a difference! Since I leave the camera in my den and take a lot of pictures indoors in low light, the external flash was a necessary addition. The Nikon SB-700 is kind of a middle of the road external but many of the reviews I’ve read say that it has many features of the older SB-900.
Here is a great article by Ken Rockwell – Ken

Additionally, it comes with a great starter kit right out of the box. It includes a diffuser, 2 filter types and a bounce card (built into the flash). So you have plenty of accessories to keep you occupied.

The only downside is the size of the flash. While its great for around the house, it could be a little intimidating to bust this thing out at a casual family dinner or other venue. The flash itself is roughly 7 inches off the top of the camera and if you rotate your camera for portrait style photo the weight shifts dramatically and becomes top heavy. Other than that, no complaints.

I highly recommend this for clean, well lit, warm photographs. This is probably what you are missing out on if your wondering why your photos look cold and unnatural.




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