Social Media – the skinny on different media services and how to use them

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We all know what Social Media is (hopefully) by now. The question is how and when to use it, and why.

If you want to promote your business, brand, or idea, social media is a great way to reach out to people that previously was impossible. When V2 designs your website, we recommend that you allow us to set you up with relevant social media support. All of these below may not apply to you, but some will definitely be useful!

By generating quality content and interesting yet insightful posts, you may develop a following and people may begin to frequent your page more often. This in turn gets your brand into the subconscious, possibly leading to referrals and client conversion.

Facebook – The best way to reach out to your audience directly. Because facebook already has over 500 million users, it seems everyone today is logging in and checking their news feed on facebook. Because news and posts come to users (rather than the user having to look for a post) this is a great way to keep your brand front and center while updating people in your network on whats going on with your business. The trick here is to get people to “like” your page!

YouTube – A powerful way to host your video online. Because it is indexed and searchable, people may find your video based off your tags and search terms you specify for your video. Also a great way to host supporting video throughout your own website. For example, I have embedded someone else’s video on this site regarding the SB-700 External Flash. The more embeds you get, the more plays on your video, and the more opportunity for your video to be found!

Vimeo – Provides an excellent alternative to YouTube. The downside: Not indexed or searchable. The upside: If searchability doesn’t matter to you, Vimeo offers a great looking player interface and is my service of choice if all you want to do is host your video on your website (and other sites) via social media.

LinkedIn – A professional network that allows people to connect based on professional acquaintances, affiliates, business connections, etc. This site can lead to referrals for your business and act as a base from which you can grow your career. LinkedIn allows you to post your resume, websites, recommendations and other traits that companies or potential clients may be interested in before hiring or doing business with you.

Flickr – Is a site that allows you to host your photography (and now videos) for the world to see. As a web designer I use Flickr quite a bit to search for high quality images for use as generic backgrounds or other purpose on a site. Now I find quite a bit of use out of Flickr as developers have created a plethora of plugins to use in conjunction with flickr. Like the photos at the bottom of this website – this a is a Flickr plug-in that updates with my most recent posts on Flickr!

So those are what I call the big 5. I find all to be useful for their own purposes. They may not all apply to you, but at least one or even two of them could go a long way to improving both your website and your businesses visibility and presence on the web.




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