Web Solutions & Services

V2 Web Solutions

Design & Development – our process

Phase 1 – preliminary

  1. How you want to use it. We will decide whether to use a CMS (Content Management System) or  a Static method to form the structure.
  2. Social media options. Facebook, youtube, flickr, and linkedIn will help support your website.

Phase 2 – form a plan

  1. Map out your site. We determine your sites navigation that will serve as a blueprint to follow.
  2. Content Generation. Text, images, video, and audio all help to fill out your websites blank pages. V2 offers high quality photography & video services to ensure your media is top notch.

Phase 3 – design & development

  1. Design phase. The fun part, time to give your site a look! Now that we have a plan V2 will submit the design through a 3 cycle review. Additional revisions will be invoiced per our hourly rate.
  2. Site Development. Now that we’ve nailed down the look its time to make it interactive and deploy our coding geekery.
  3. Social Media design & development. V2 can setup all your social media services to get you running. Or, you can have V2 manage and update this content indefinitely, its up to you.
  4. Google Analytics. Track your websites statistics with free, powerful software from Google that V2 can include in your site. All we need is your google email username and password and we’ll take care of the rest.

Phase 4 – going live

  1. Post site online to private location. Take it out for a spin, test drive it, and we can make tweaks and revisions.
  2. Post it live! Tell your friends, colleagues, and family. Promote it through Social Media and blogs. Send newsletters to companies. You are official now, let people know that you either have a new site online or have redesigned your old one.
  3. Spread the word. Tell people about V2 and allow us to provide the same great service to others! We appreciate referrals and will gladly do the same for you.

On-Site Photography & Video

So you want a great looking website? Then you have to have excellent source material. An added bonus – you can upload this material to social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Flickr!

Often times clients just flat out don’t have the time to stage the photos themselves. Even if they do they are often late on sending the photos or don’t send high quality photos, adding to overall expense and delaying progress of the website. Unless you are an experienced photographer or knowledgeable in graphics and web software, we recommend allowing V2 to shoot your media for you. This ensures the highest quality source material.

So, The best thing to do is just let V2 come on site and stage a photo shoot of your office, products, staff, and anything else relevant that may be used for both your web and print needs.

We use state of the art equipment to capture our media.


Nikon D3100 DSLR w/ 18-200mm zoom lens, and a 14 – 24 mm wide angle lens.


We use a combination of the DSLR listed above and a Flipcam, ideal for shooting HD video at 1280×720.

Social Media Integration

V2 and Social Media

Social Media sites like Facebook, Youtube, Flickr, Vimeo, LinkedIn, & now Google Plus are all a vital part of our everyday web experience. You would be missing out on this crucial market if you fore-go this option. Social Media is not only a great way to target customers, but it is also valuable in supporting media on your website. Join the party, everyone is using it!

Most common

Facebook– A valuable promotion tool used to reach out & interact with your “friends.” Since facebook does not allow businesses to create profiles, you will have to (or V2 will have to) create a page that promotes your company. The name of the game is to get as many “likes” on your page as possible in order to gain a larger network. The larger your network the more visible your posts become. The content of your posts can consist of promotions, news, events, and updates going on at your business or organzation. These posts can include media like images, video, text, and links. Let V2 set all of this up for you!

YouTube – A search-able Video database. Simply shoot your video, edit, and post! Add keywords to make your video search-able and utilize YouTubes embed and share options to disperse you video across various types of media, including your own website. Additionally, you can ( or V2 can) create a CUSTOM youtube channel as your landing page. This landing page can reflect the design of your website so that your brand is uniform not only internally, but also on the social media sites that are used.

Flickr – Is a search-able Photography database. Much like YouTube can input “searchable” keywords on each photo, increasing your websites exposure to search engines. Upload your photography in folders called “sets” that can be used to display 100’s of photographs in an organized way. Additionally, deploy a Flickr slide show plug-in on your website so that users can scroll through the designated set you wish to feature on your web page. Share your events and updates online so that others can participate and share the experience!

Vimeo – Is a highend video hosting media site and was the first video site to support HD in 2007. Vimeo offers a nice alternative to YouTube in that its video interface looks way better and in turn will look better on your site.

Web Hosting & Domain Solutions

Allow V2 to host your website & purchase your domain name. This way V2 retains control of all your server and domain information, and when you call us, you’ll actually talk to a person! If you already have a domain its no problem – just give us your user name and password to wherever you domain was purchased and we can point to our servers. If you wish to host your own site with your own provided – no problem, just give us the proper FTP information.Hosting with V2 ensures:

  • Unique email addresses for your company – up to 20
  • That your server will always be up-to-date
  • If you decide to run a CMS, this will ensure that the latest server side code is installed to support that CMS
  • Free for the first year

Allow V2 to purchase and manage all of your domain names. We will notify you once your domain contract is about to expire so that it can be renewed. The more domain names you have, the more visibility and exposure your site will have on search engines.

On-Site CMS Tutorials & Training

If you decide to use a CMS, V2 will come out to your office or training facility and demonstrate how to update you website on your own. Training is based on an hourly rate and requires 2 weeks advance notice.Take your site in your own hands!